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Beachcomber Vacation Rentals in Port Aransas FAQ Page

Port Aransas Covid-19 Update Page


(12/1/20) Beaches are open as usual. Restaurants and Bars are open but are still subject to some restrictions. 






We are taking reservations as normal at this time and our normal cancellation policy is in effect.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you all SOON. - Melissa and Julian

If you still have questions then head on over to our Contact Us page where we show you the many ways you can get in touch with us. We answer the phones from 10am until 8pm and often answer emails and messages after those hours too.

You can, and we cant wait to welcome you. We are taking reservations as normal right now. But, PLEASE make sure you read our cancellation policies. They WILL apply to your reservation.
Bars and restaurants are at open but with restrictions, we advise you to call the places you would like to visit and ask what those restrictions are. Pools are open but limited to 75% of capacity, social distancing must be used and no gatherings of over 10 people in the pool area or pool. It is the decision of the HOA or property owners if a pool is to be opened and we have no control over this decision.
As you may know, we only have 1 grocery store here in town so thats a hard one to predict. Bringing food with you is the answer to the problem and will make sure you have what you need. There are plenty of stores in Corpus Christi and other places but its impossible for us to know what those stores are going to be like when you are due to travel. If in doubt, bring it with you.
Bars and restaurants are at open but with restrictions, we advise you to call the places you would like to visit and ask what those restrictions are.
We want to help everyone to feel as safe as possible and will be making sure that on the day of arrival you do not have to have close contact with anyone. No one is permitted in the office. You wont have to see anyone face to face. We expect this to be the way we will do things for the rest of the year at least. It's going to be a new thing for us so please be patient, we can still accommodate you if you need to pay cash but try and let us know ahead of time.
In addition to the 'no contact check-in' we have updated our cleaning policies to be above and beyond the guidelines issued by the CDC. All chemicals we use are approved by them and our house keepers are 'double cleaning' all commonly touched areas such as door handles, kitchen surfaces, toilets etc. We are trying our very best to make sure that you can practice safe social distancing. From the start of your stay with us, until you check out no one from our staff will need to be in physical contact with you. If you have maintenance issues during your stay we will also work with you to ensure the least contact with another human we can.
No,If you just decide not to come then our standard cancellation policies still apply. This Virus is going to be with us for a while it seems, as a small business we have to make decisions on how we move forward, as long as we are open and able to have guests come and stay with us then we will continue to stick to our standard cancellation terms. A brief summary of those terms is, if you make a reservation and want to cancel up to 14 days away from when you are due to arrive then there will be a $30 charge, you will get back whatever else you have paid. If you decide to cancel and its LESS than 14 days away from when you are due to arrive then YOU WILL lose your deposit. We recommend that you do not make a reservation if you are uncertain about if you are willing to travel, or , the level of restrictions in place now or in the future will prevent you from having the vacation you want.
We know the situation is constantly changing and if the Governor of Texas, or, City or Port Aransas makes it so WE can not legally fulfill your reservation then we will work with you on re-scheduling your stay, or, issue a refund.
You can help by keeping the social distancing going. Keep your distance from people who you didn't travel here with, that goes for the common areas that some properties may have such as swimming pools, or BBQ area's. Find your own space on the Beach and keep the amount of people you have in a group to a minimum. WEAR A MASK IN PUBLIC when you are near to people. And, above all. WASH YOUR HANDS every chance you get.
What we think is that if you follow all the guidelines set forth by the government and the CDC then Port Aransas and, especially, its Beaches are an excellent option for getting some much needed vacation time and social distancing. Why ? You load up the car with you and some food and drink, you drive to the property you have rented, you drive from there to the beach and back each day, then you drive home when you check out. The amount of social distancing can be controlled by you, if you don't want to go near anyone else then you can do that if you bring everything you need with you. We have miles and miles of Beach available and it may mean you have to drive that little bit further to find your own space but there will be space.

We know that a Port Aransas Vacation can be expensive, with that being said, we want to do everything we can to make your stay more affordable. We do this by keeping our rates as low as we can and not charging you extra fees. Most of the other companies charge cleaning fees, booking fees, fee fees........ the list goes on. If you book at with Beachcomber Vacation Rentals then we promise we wont do that.

The only extra charges you will have to pay are TAX (13%) and if you bring a Dog to a pet friendly property, there will be a charge for that.

no extra fees

Thats right we DO NOT charge any extra fees, such as a booking fee, when you book with us.

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