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Frequently asked questions

  • Q) Are there any other fees? ?
  • A) NO just 13% Tax. We do not charge a reservation fee, or booking fee, or cleaning fee, or sunshine fee etc etc. The only extra cost would be if you brought a pet.
  • Q) Where can i see a copy of your Terms and Conditions or other important documents i should read?
  • A) You can download all the stuff you need by CLICKING HERE but everything will be given to you as part of the reservation procedure. You SHOULD read it ALL carefully.
  • Q) Can i pay the deposit with a credit card?
  • A) YES, you can now take advantage of our fancy online booking system to reserve your property 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If your scared of technology you can always do business the old way and book over the phone then send us a check/money order.
  • Q) How much will the deposit be ?
  • A) The deposit will be at least one nights rent(2 nghts for a 7 night or more stay)plus 13% tax, so for example if the property you want to reserve is $100 per night your deposit would be $113. We will charge the card you provide if you book online or cash the check if you book over the phone. This deposit goes towards your total amount owed and we will send you an updated balance.
  • Q) If i pay extra to bring my pet do i get that money back?
  • A) No, the extra charge for bringing pets is not returned.
  • Q) How old do i have to be to rent a property?
  • A) You have to be 25 or over and ID will be verified at the time of check-in. We will also need a valid credit card matching the name on the reservation.
  • Q) How do i pay for the remaining balance of my reservation ?
  • A) We take checks, money orders and cashiers checks up to 2 weeks prior to your stay or you can pay on the day of check-in. Please remember we do not accept checks on your day of arrival.
  • Q) What forms of payment do you accept at check-in?
  • A) We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Cash and Debit Cards. NO CHECKS ACCEPTED AT CHECK-IN (unless its for a damage/security deposit). If you intend on paying using a debit card be advised that some banks set limits on the transactions you can make using Debit.
  • Q) So you wont take a check when i get there to check-in ?
  • A) Nope - unless its for the damage deposit for the property you are renting.
  • Q) What will i need to bring with me to check-in ?
  • A) You need to be the person named on the paperwork for your reservation. You will need a State Recognized picture ID such as a drivers license or ID card. You will need a valid major credit card in your name. You will need to pay for any balance outstanding for your stay.
  • Q) What happens if i need to check-in late and your office is closed ?
  • A) You MUST contact us to make arrangements, failure to do so may mean you can not check in until the following day.
  • Q) What if i need to cancel my booking?
  • A) You can cancel your reservation at any time up to within 14 DAYS of your arrival date, there will be a $25 cancelation charge. If you cancel inside the 14 DAYS then you will lose all of your deposit amount but any extra you may have paid will be refunded. (Winter Texans have different conditions).
  • Q) Do you give refunds for bad weather ?
  • A) No we do not. Seaweed is another natural occurence that may affect your vacation but is something that is out of our control.
  • Q) What about if there is a Hurricane ?
  • A) We monitor all potential Hurricanes carefully and if Port Aransas is under a direct threat we would of course issue refunds. Our website always carries the latest information if a storm is heading our way.
  • Q) How many people can stay at the property i am renting ?
  • A) Each property description clearly states how many people you can bring, for example, if it says SLEEPS 6 then you can have a TOTAL OF 6 PEOPLE. Children are counted so in this example the adults and children must not exceed a total of 6.
  • Q) What does SELF CATERING mean ?
  • A) It means that the property will be readied for your arrival and we will stock it with a start up supply of Toilet Paper, Dish Soap, Bar Soap and Trash Bags. Once this start up supply has been used you are responsible for purchasing your own so you may want to bring extra with you.
  • Q) Do you provide a Maid Service ?
  • A) NO, the property will be cleaned for your arrival and will be cleaned upon your departure but we do not offer any kind of service during your stay.
  • Q) Are all the linens provided or do i need to bring some?
  • A) All bedding is provided and a set number of towels are provided but we do not provide beach towels so you will need to bring some.
  • Q) Does the Kitchen have everything i need?
  • A) There will be a Stove, Microwave, Refrigerator, Coffee Pot, Toaster and an adequate supply of Pots, Pans, Dishes and Silverware. Above these minimum items all properties are equipped differently so if you have special requirements you should bring those items with you just to be sure.
  • Q) Do you provide Free Wifi ?
  • A) Many of our properties provide FREE WIFI and as such we make no promises as to its speed or quality of connection. There are many open wifi networks in town and a walk in Computer Center for your use also.
  • Q) Will there be a BBQ grill i can use ?
  • A) Yes, there will be a charcoal or gas grill for your use but we do not provide fuel.
  • Q) What do i have to do when i check out?
  • A) We have a list of requirements you must follow when checking out and you can read them HERE. At a minimum you must take out the trash, clean all used kitchen equipment and return the property to an acceptable condition. There will be a print out on the fridge with instructions.
  • Q) Can i smoke in the property ?
  • A) NO, we have a very strict NO SMOKING policy and you WILL be charged if you decide to smoke in a property. When smoking outside you must make sure all doors and windows are closed.
  • Q) I think i left something in the place i stayed in, will you go and find it then mail it back to me ?
  • A) Beachcomber Rentals are not responsible for any personal items during your stay or after your departure. If you believe you have left something we will do our best to locate it for you and mail it back. There will be a $25 charge plus postage for this service.





















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